Clancy Slack

Postdoctoral Scholar
UC Berkeley

Research interests: My primary interests are in experimental NMR of hyperpolarized gases. I work in the intersection between instrumental and molecular design, creating macro and microscopic systems that work together to better observe the chemical world. My work with xenon NMR has looked at dissolution systems for characterization of biological systems, molecular sensors to detect disease biomarkers and environmental pollutants, and new techniques for detection of extremely dilute analytes. 

Education interests: Outside the laboratory I work to develop next generation learning tools for students in introductory chemistry. At UC Berkeley I have worked with many professors to improve student experiences by developing interactive digital exercises. Courses I've taught at Berkeley have used a hybrid classroom where half of the in person time is spent as a traditional in person lecture, and the other half is spent doing concept quizzes where students can work together to find the answer to a conceptual question. Significant emphasis is placed on observing a demonstration and drawing a conclusion from it. Outside the classroom I have developed learning tools that allow students to interact with chemistry concepts on their smart phones or tablets in collaboration with Great River Learning. This new style of teaching and interactive tools is being adopted by UC Berkeley's Chemistry 1A program starting in Fall 2017.


  • 08/07-06/11  B.S. Chemistry, Union College, Schenectady (NY).
  • 08/11-08/16  Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, UC Berkeley, Berkeley (CA). Advisor: Prof. Alex Pines


  • 2013 Nation Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Recipient
  • 2012 Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award (UC Berkeley)
  • 2011 Phi Beta Kappa
  • 2011 Frank Bailey (1885) Prize (Union College)
  • 2011 Charles B. Hurd Prize (Union College)
  • 2010 Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society - Charter President
  • 2009 Sigma Xi Research Honor Society
  • 2009 Order of Omega Honor Society 
  • 2007 New York State Presidential Scholars Program
  • 2007 Union College Scholars Program


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