Pines Lab Seminars

Pines lab seminars are held at 1pm in Stanley 221 (unless otherwise stated). If you'd like to keep up with upcoming lab seminars please sign up to receive notifications from our google calendar.

Date Speaker



Muller Gomes, UC Berkeley Xenon relexation based macromolecular sensing
2/10 Dimitris Safellariou, CEA Saclay Shuttling in multiple fields: current status and options for the future
2/12 Dimitris Sakellariou, CEA Saclay Magnet Engineering
2/24 Tao Wang, UC Berkeley Application of Spin-Exchange Relaxation-Free Magnetometry to the Cosmic Axion Spin Precession Experiment
3/3 Toby Zens, JOEL A New Revolution in NMR
3/10 Anna Parker, UC Berkeley Progress toward enhancing 13C NMR in diamond powder
3/17 Chandrasekhar Ramanathan, Dartmouth Engineering the dynamics of electron and nuclear spins in solids
3/23 Ewa Rej, University of Sydney Hyperpolarized spins in diamond
3/23 Matt Rosen, Harvard  
4/4 Jochen Scheuer, Uni. Ulm  
4/10 Antoine Llor, CEA Saclay Zero field multipolar NMR
4/14 Bob Harris, UC Berkeley The Quantization of Zilch
4/25 Chris Dobson, University of Cambridge Alexander Pines lecture 
5/12 Ilja Gerhardt, Stuttgart Atomic vapors and nitrogen-vacancy centers for precision optical magnetometry
5/17 Nathalie de Leon, Princeton Coherent defects in diamond
5/19 Peter Maurer, Stanford Probing biological systems in a new single-molecule regime
5/23 Daphna Shimon, Wash U. St Louis  




Danila Barskiy, UC Berkeley

Jonathan Breeze, Imperial College London

Olga, Adamas Nanotechnologies

Parahydrogen fueled RASER: missing link between chemistry and electrodynamics

Room temperature MASERs

Development and production of unique nanodiamond particles