Amplification of xenon NMR and MRI by remote detection

TitleAmplification of xenon NMR and MRI by remote detection
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsMoule A.J, Spence M.M, Han S.I, Seeley J.A, Pierce K.L, Saxena S, Pines A
JournalProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Date PublishedAug 5
ISBN Number0027-8424
Accession NumberWOS:000184620000007

A technique is proposed in which an NMR spectrum or MRI is encoded and stored as spin polarization and is then moved to a different physical location to be detected. Remote detection allows the separate optimization of the encoding and detection steps, permitting the independent choice of experimental conditions and excitation and detection methodologies. In the initial experimental demonstration of this technique, we show that taking dilute Xe-129 from a porous sample placed inside a large encoding coil and concentrating it into a smaller detection coil can amplify NMR signal. In general, the study of NMR active molecules at low concentration that have low physical filling factor is facilitated by remote detection. In the second experimental demonstration, MRI information encoded in a very low-field magnet (4-7 mT) is transferred to a high-field magnet (4.2 T) to be detected under optimized conditions. Furthermore, remote detection allows the utilization of ultrasensitive optical or superconducting quantum interference device detection techniques, which broadens the horizon of NMR experimentation.

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Short TitleAmplification of xenon NMR and MRI by remote detection
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