NMR with a continuously circulating flow of laser-polarized Xe-129

TitleNMR with a continuously circulating flow of laser-polarized Xe-129
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsSeydoux R., Pines A, Haake M., Reimer J.A
JournalJournal of Physical Chemistry B
Date PublishedJun 3
ISBN Number1089-5647
Accession NumberWOS:000080702600011

In this paper we describe the construction of an apparatus for optical pumping of Xe-129 in a circulating gas system connected to a probe for static high-field NMR. The optimal working conditions for the optical pumping under flow are explored, yielding a continuous gas now with a steady-state spin-polarization of about 2%. It is shown that on various types of high surface area materials a steady-state of adsorbed laser-polarized xenon can be;reached with polarizations of about 0.3%. NMR spectroscopy of this layer is greatly facilitated due to the renewable magnetization under the continuous-flow conditions allowing unprecedented fast detection of two-dimensional NMR experiments with laser-polarized Xe. The steady-state spin-polarization of adsorbed Xe-129 gives rise to cross-relaxation to surface nuclei such as H-1 and Si-29. A direct spin-polarization-induced nuclear Overhauser effect (SPINOE) to heteronuclei is observed with an enhancement factor of about 20-30. A method is presented for simple modulation of the spin-polarization direction in the fringe field of the high-field magnet; this is exploited to obtain difference SPINOE spectra to highlight only the surface nuclei. Furthermore, a transfer via cross-polarization (CP) from adsorbed Xe to surface protons is demonstrated to select surface groups with reduced mobility compared to SPINOE detection.

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Short TitleNMR with a continuously circulating flow of laser-polarized Xe-129
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