Optically-pumped dynamic nuclear hyperpolarization in 13C enriched diamond

TitleOptically-pumped dynamic nuclear hyperpolarization in 13C enriched diamond
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsParker AJ, Jeong K, Avalos CE, Hausmann BJM, Vassiliou CC, Pines A, King JP
JournalPhys. Rev. B Rapid Communications

We investigate nuclear spin hyperpolarization from optically polarized nitrogen vacancy centers in isotopically enriched diamonds with 13C concentrations up to 100%. 13C enrichment leads to hyperfine structure of the nitrogen vacancy electron spin resonance spectrum and dynamic nuclear polarization enhancement profile. We show that strongly-coupled \cthirt spins in the first shell surrounding a nitrogen vacancy center generate resolved hyperfine splittings, but do not act as an intermediary in the transfer of hyperpolarization of bulk nuclear spins. High levels of \cthirt enrichment are desirable to increase the efficiency of hyperpolarization for magnetic resonance signal enhancement, imaging contrast agents, and as a platform for quantum sensing and many-body physics.