Parahydrogen-enhanced zero-field nuclear magnetic resonance

TitleParahydrogen-enhanced zero-field nuclear magnetic resonance
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsTheis T., Ganssle P., Kervern G., Knappe S., Kitching J., Ledbetter M.P, Budker D., Pines A
JournalNature Physics
Date PublishedJul
ISBN Number1745-2473
Accession NumberWOS:000292290000017

Nuclear magnetic resonance, conventionally detected in magnetic fields of several tesla, is a powerful analytical tool for the determination of molecular identity, structure and function. With the advent of prepolarization methods and detection schemes using atomic magnetometers or superconducting quantum interference devices, interest in NMR in fields comparable to the Earth's magnetic field and below (down to zero field) has been revived. Despite the use of superconducting quantum interference devices or atomic magnetometers, low-field NMR typically suffers from low sensitivity compared with conventional high-field NMR. Here we demonstrate direct detection of zero-field NMR signals generated through parahydrogen-induced polarization, enabling high-resolution NMR without the use of any magnets. The sensitivity is sufficient to observe spectra exhibiting (13)C-(1)H scalar nuclear spin-spin couplings (known as J couplings) in compounds with (13)C in natural abundance, without the need for signal averaging. The resulting spectra show distinct features that aid chemical fingerprinting.

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Short TitleParahydrogen-enhanced zero-field nuclear magnetic resonance
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