Selective decoupling and Hamiltonian engineering in dipolar spin networks

TitleSelective decoupling and Hamiltonian engineering in dipolar spin networks
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsAjoy A., Bissbort U., Poletti D., Cappellaro P.
JournalPhysics Review Letters
Date Published01/2019

We present a protocol to selectively decouple, recouple, and engineer effective interactions in mesoscopic dipolar spin networks. In particular, we develop a versatile protocol that relies upon magic angle spinning to perform Hamiltonian engineering. By using global control fields in conjunction with a local actuator, such as a diamond nitrogen vacancy center located in the vicinity of a nuclear spin network, both global and local control over the effective couplings can be achieved. We show that the resulting effective Hamiltonian can be well understood within a simple, intuitive geometric picture, and corroborate its validity by performing exact numerical simulations in few-body systems. Applications of our method are in the emerging fields of two-dimensional room temperature quantum simulators in diamond platforms, as well as in molecular magnet systems.