Wide dynamic range magnetic field cycler: Harnessing quantum control at low and high fields

TitleWide dynamic range magnetic field cycler: Harnessing quantum control at low and high fields
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsAjoy A., Lv X., Druga E., Liu K., Safvati B., Morabe A., Fenton M., Nazaryan R., Patel S., Sjolander T., Reimer J., Sakellariou D, Meriles C., Pines A.
JournalReview of Scientific Instruments
Date Published01/2019

We describe the construction of a fast field cycling device capable of sweeping a 4-order-of-magnitude range of magnetic fields, from ∼1 mT to 7 T, in under 700 ms, and which is further extendable to a 1 nT-7 T range. Central to this system is a high-speed sample shuttling mechanism between a superconducting magnet and a magnetic shield, with the capability to access arbitrary fields in between with high resolution. Our instrument serves as a versatile platform to harness the inherent dichotomy of spin dynamics on offer at low and high fields—in particular, the low anisotropy, fast spin manipulation, and rapid entanglement growth at low field as well as the long spin lifetimes, spin specific control, and efficient inductive measurement possible at high fields. Exploiting these complementary capabilities in a single device opens up applications in a host of problems in quantum control, sensing, and information storage, besides in nuclear hyperpolarization, relaxometry, and imaging. In particular, in this paper, we focus on the ability of the device to enable low-field hyperpolarization of 13C nuclei in diamond via optically pumped electronic spins associated with nitrogen vacancy defect centers.