Spring 2015

Upcoming Pines lab seminars will be also be listed in the "Upcoming Events" page. If you'd like to keep up with upcoming lab seminars please sign up to receive notifications from our google calendar.

Date Time Location Event Details
1/9 12.30pm Stanley Hall 221 Tobias Sjolander, Pines lab, "Coherent Averaging at Zero Field"
1/23 12:30pm Stanley Hall 221 Dr. Carlos Meriles - "The emerging nitrogen-vacancy center: A versatile platform for nanoscale spin-assisted sensing"
1/30 12:30pm Stanley Hall 221 Muller Gomes, Pines lab, "Molecular Sensing with Xenon Relaxometry"
2/13 12:30pm Stanley Hall 221 Hannes Bernien, Hanson group at TU Delft, "Quantum networks based on diamond spins"
2/20 12:30pm Stanley Hall 221 Jonathan King, Pines lab, "Chirality, Parity, and Spectroscopy"
2/27 12:30pm Stanley Hall 221 Melanie Drake, Reimer lab at UC Berkeley, "Bulk Nuclear Hyperpolarization in Diamond at High Magnetic Fields"
3/6 12:30pm Stanley Hall 221 Jeong Keunhong, Pines lab, "Hyper polarization of optically pumped nitrogen vacancy diamonds in room temperature and high field"
3/13 12:30pm Stanley Hall 221 Anna Parker, Pines lab, "The beginnings of a strategy for shimming Halbach magnets for NMR spectroscopy that profits from material imperfections"
3/20 12:30pm Stanley Hall 221 Song I Han, UCSB, "Spin probe-enhanced NMR to decode surface properties for materials function"
3/27 12:30pm Stanley Hall 221 Jan Roden, Whaley group at UC Berkeley, "Energy transport in a photosynthetic complex"
4/3 12:30pm Stanley Hall 221 Steven Conolly, UC Berkeley, "Noninvasive Biomedical Imaging with Superb Contrast, Penetration, Safety, and 200 nM Sensitivity"
4/10 12:30pm Stanley Hall 221 Lykourgos Bougos, Budker lab UCB/Uni Mainz, "Cavity-Enhanced Polarimetry with Signal Reversals: Applications to Atomic Parity Violation and Molecular Chirality”
4/28 12:30pm Stanley Hall 221 Kong Ooi Tan, Beat Meier/ Matthias Ernst group at ETH Zurich "Designing pulse sequences using Floquet theory in solid-state NMR"
5/1 1pm 100E Hildebrand Alex Forse, Clare Grey at University of Cambridge, "NMR Spectroscopy Reveals the Charging Mechanisms of Supercapacitors"
5/8 12:30pm Stanley Hall 221 Hui Dong, Clarke group at UC Berkeley, “Ultralow Field Magnetic Resonance: Brain Imaging and T­1 vs. T1ρ”
5/15 12:30pm  Stanley Hall 221 Jamie Walls, U Miami, "Detection of Chirality in NMR Spectroscopy"
5/29 12:30pm Stanley Hall 221 Chris Chang, UC Berkeley, "Molecular imaging approaches to studying chemistry in the brain"
6/12 12:30pm Stanley Hall 221 Ambika Bumb, Bikanta, "Functionalizable Fluorescent Nanodiamonds that Do Not Photobleach or Blink for In Vitro and In Vivo Imaging"
6/19 12:45pm Stanley Hall 221 Gina Hoatson, College of William and Mary
6/26 12:30pm Stanley Hall 221 David Schaffer, UC Berkeley